Luxury slipcovers to elevate your space

Transform your IKEA favourites


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Luxury slipcovers to elevate your space

Transform your IKEA favourites


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Q: Do you make covers for other brands, other than IKEA?

A: We specialise in covers for all the IKEA models only. At this stage we don’t make covers for other brands and our covers won’t cover fully upholstered furniture.


Luxury slipcovers to elevate your space

Transform your IKEA favourites


Make it a showstopper

New cover, new room. Whether you’re looking for something timeless or modern, we’ve got you sorted with designs to awaken your space and make it uniquely yours.

Choose from a curated range of quality fabrics

Dreamy velvets, sumptuous linens and everything in between—explore our range of quality fabric covers for your most refined lounge set up yet.

You can pick up to 5 Free Swatches.

If you are unsure which fabric you prefer, you can request up to 5 free swatches, and we will deliver them to you.


Our Story

Your home, your happiness project! You deserve a home that reflects your individual style. Sophisticated elegance? Modern and energized? Polished and on trend? Don’t outlay thousands of dollars on a new piece of furniture, instead come with us on a journey of fun and select something uniquely you to recover your special piece! The Styled Sofa specialises in beautifully made slipcovers, that will transform your current decor and elevate your room to next level status. Step into your own magazine cover!


Sustainable solutions

Our sustainability ethos is two-fold. Our covers are designed to extend the life of your sofa: there’s no need to replace when you can refresh. In addition, we make a donation to One Tree Planted with every cover purchase, helping to support global reforestation efforts. 

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We Care

We are committed to working together to build a better world. For each purchase, we will donate to One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization dedicated to reforestation. That means every purchase of yours will plant one tree!

At The Styled Sofa we know that home is where the heart is. As a “Lighthouse Keeper” we donate monthly to the Lighthouse Foundation to support their programs to end youth homelessness. 



Sustainable solutions

Our sustainability ethos is two-fold. Our covers are designed to extend the life of your sofa: there's no need to replace when you can refresh.


Reduce, reuse, recycle and save our planet

Avoid sending old covers, clothes and textiles to landfill. Book a pick up with a recycler instead to do your part in saving our planet. 


The Styled Sofa acknowledges and pays our respects to the Boonwurrung people, the Traditional Custodians and First People of the land on which we live, work, love, and play.

Which piece are we covering? 

Select your furniture piece below to get started on finding the perfect cover. We have something for every style.  

Inspiration for shopping Lounge Sofa Covers Online

Colour says a lot about a person. Some people draw inspiration from the natural world, some love the calming power of blues and greens.Others find calm in grey scale, while some can’t go past a serious pop of colour! The beauty of this is that our range of lounge sofa covers will have a colour to suit uniquely you.

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Offering such a range of colour variety in our lounge cushion covers online also means you can be seasonal with your lounge sofa cover, try a light hue for summer and then switch to a moodier darker hue for the winter months. As some of our customers have said, this seasonal change is alike to taking a holiday, but without the price tag!

Along with design inspiration featuring images of how transformational IKEA furniture can become, our online store will show how our online lounge covers can fit your shape, your size, your style. And we also love offering up styling tips and advice. Here’s one we get asked a lot- what if you don’t like the legs that comes with a particular sofa series?

Just as you can shop online lounge covers to switch up a lounge cover, you can switch up the sofa legs too! Many of the sofa legs are interchangeable, meaning you can simply shop the legs of another series, and fix them to your sofa instead.

Features of our Lounge Sofa Covers

The Styled Sofa’s lounge sofa covers have been covering IKEA sofa and furniture models for some time. And we have come to know and love a few of our customer's favourite models and here is why our lounge covers available online will continue to rise to the top-

  • The Soderhamn sofa covers further enhance this series that is perfect for its smaller size. It is a low lying series that is efficient on space but with deep generous seats. A stylish and airy look, perfect for apartments or smaller areas.
  • The Kivik sofa covers will continue to show off the modern profile of the Kivik series with its low, wide armrests and is available in many configurations, suitable for all room sizes.
  • The Ektorp sofa covers will enhance the classic attributes that the Ektorp is known and loved for. It has a traditional sofa design, with its curved arms and soft cushion seats. It is very adaptable and can be seen sitting stately in grand formal rooms, as easily as it is seen sitting in cosy country retreats.

Purchase from the Sofa Cover Experts Online

Our covers are made to fit exactly to your IKEA model. You can feel confident that our product will meet your expectations. We have a 3 year warranty to have you covered should any fault occur. Our creators are dedicated to their craft and have been proudly producing lounge covers for online orders and lounge cushions covers for many, many years. Our workroom is dedicated to delivering high quality product. Our stitching and accessories are of the highest quality and made to last.

With the perfect fit, you’ll have a new sofa instantly. Choose from our range of lounge covers online and leave the fitting to us. When your order arrives you will find dressing your sofa simple. We have labels sewn into the lounge cushion covers to let you know which lounge cover belongs to which lounge cushion. It’s very simple!

We offer up to 5 free fabric swatches to make sure you are confident with your choice of fabric for your lounge sofa covers. Head to the swatches page and simply select your fabrics and we will send them to you. This can take the guesswork out of your decision, knowing you’ve purchased the most suitable lounge covers online for your space.

Enjoy a walk through our online store and be tempted by our lounge sofa covers and see the transformation they can have of models like the Kivik series, Soderhamn or Ektorp series. We would love to hear from you if you any inquiries. We are here to help you!

Have fun with it, it’s so transformational!

When we first created The Styled Sofa I had a vision of helping people just like me - those with an appreciation for style and a love for colour and texture but wanted it all within easy reach. It’s been a big and beautiful ride and what I share with you now is the result of a labour of love and the desire to make individual style available to everyone. 

With love, Jen

Founder of The Styled Sofa

Luxury Sofa Covers

At The Styled Sofa we believe in the power of your surrounds, and interiors play such an important role in this. With many of us spending more time in our homes recently, we are looking for products to enhance our everyday experience.

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Refreshing one room with simple updates such as sofa covers, in beautiful fabrics, all available in Melbourne, can be a powerful update.

Designed for comfort and beauty, these covers allow you dress your IKEA favourites such as Kivik sofa covers, Soderhamn sofa covers or Ektorp sofa covers. Browse the details of our sofa covers online in our inspirational digital store and enjoy flicking through the individual pages including showcasing the colours and fabrics and other informative details such as furniture dimensions.

The Styled Sofa has such a huge appreciation for IKEA design, which continuously go from strength to strength with each collection. So we have been very sympathetic around offering a range of curated fabrics for contemporary sofa cover designs available in Melbourne to enhance and take your IKEA piece to the next level.

We have Sofa Covers available online for a wide range of IKEA furniture pieces-

The Styled Sofa’s range of sofa covers is not limited to sofas. We can custom make covers for:


We have poured over fabric cards to ensure our fabric selection is the best we can offer on sofa covers in Melbourne. We understand sofa covers and slipcovers come under the pressures of daily use, family use, and of course loved by our pets. So the emphasis is on quality, durability, and our sofa covers are also removable couch covers and washable couch covers. All this and, they suit your style, in your home or in your office

The Styled Sofa understands that no two interiors are the same. We have made browsing our selection easy with our Inspirations page showcasing our sofa covers available online for different décor aesthetics including modern and minimal, traditional luxe, bold and bright, or soft and neutral.

You’ll have the perfect reason to come back home with the best looking sofa covers in Melbourne available online in a variety of beautiful fabrics. Whether you like lustrous corduroy, sophisticated linens, luxury velvet or timeless twill – we will have a cover to suit what you are looking for.

Buy Sofa Covers Online from a Compassionate Team

When it comes to caring, The Styled Sofa follows a 360-degree approach. We care for our customers, our employees and our earth. The Styled Sofa believes in ‘refresh rather than replace.’ With the best range of luxe yet durable sofa covers in Melbourne, we want your sofa covers to last for years to come.

If your sofa looks old and worn out, our sofa covers offered online will provide a completely new and transformational look. While you, our customer, supports the idea of revitalizing your sofa with our online range of sofa covers, we do our part to reduce our impact on the planet. And we would always encourage a pick-up with a recycler to avoid adding to the landfills.

For every purchase you make with us, the non-profit organization One Tree Planted will plant a tree. We also donate to the ‘Lighthouse Keeper’ to end youth homelessness. Purchase from our amazing range of sofa covers in Melbourne to give back!

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