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Our KIVIK sofa covers will continue to cover one of IKEA’s best selling sofa styles. Over the years it has been tried and tested by tens of thousands of customers and continues to rate as a best seller.

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The Styled Sofa’s Kivik sofa covers will show off the modern profile of the Kivik series with its low, wide armrests. The cushions adapt to your body for comfortable support, this sofa becomes the heart of the home! The arms have been designed low so you can come together, and sit on the arms. It’s for snuggling, watching movies and playing games – come together on our KIVIK sofa covers, designed for being together.

The Kivik series comes in many configurations, making it suitable for all room sizes. Add a chaise to one end to lengthen out one side, which is perfect for book reading or tv watching. Or choose the sofa bed model to keep guests comfortable when they stay over. Whichever Kivik model you have – we have the Kivik couch covers to fit and revive your model.

We have covers to fit the Kivik shape exactly and will be snug to your sofa, or we have covers that hang to the floor for a floor length finish, these Kivik sofa covers take on a new and relaxed look for your model.

If you have the KIVIK sofa, you would know that it’s style is timeless. So if it starts to look dated, it’s just the couch cover that needs replacing, not the whole couch. And that’s exactly where the benefits of replaceable KIVIK sofa covers come into play. Our Kivik sofa covers With a beautiful range of colours available, our KIVIK couch covers will only add style to enhance its form.

Reasons to purchase KIVIK Sofa Covers from The Styled Sofa

Be it the quality or variety, our KIVIK sofa covers are a must for your home. Need more reasons? Here they are:

  • 100% Linen Fabric: Linen is one of the most breathable fabrics for sofa covers and our fabrics are highly appealing and versatile.
  • The Comfort Factor: While you might get a stiff or tight feel initially, our KIVIK couch covers soften up and are highly stretchable – adding to your comfort level.
  • Long-Lasting Material and Finish: Be it the fabric or the colours, our KIVIK sofa covers are highly durable. The colours don’t fade and the cloth stays intact even after years of use.

 Variety of Covers by Sofa Type

The Styled Sofa KIVIK couch covers match up to the versatile range of KIVIK models. We can make what they can make! Some of the Kivik series include:

  • KIVIK Sofas
  • KIVIK Sofa Beds
  • KIVIK Footstools
  • KIVIK Corner Sections
  • KIVIK Chaise Sections

Our range of KIVIK covers for sofas includes all these, anything from single-seaters to seven-seaters. Perfectly thought out for small rooms or large spaces.

Upgrade to KIVIK Sofa Covers from The Styled Sofa

The Styled Sofa’s KIVIK couch covers do the job of protecting your furniture from spills and stains. Some fabrics will help repel dirt and extend the life of your KIVIK sofas, or footstools and or sections. While the maintenance is low, the looks achieved with new Kivik sofa covers can be high-end. Suitable for the TV room or the formal front rooms alike.

Whether you are an art connoisseur, minimalist or busy professional - we have KIVIK sofa covers to suit your style. Your guests will enjoy the sofa covers design as much as your hospitality. Small water spills won’t really moisten the sofa covers. The smooth finish helps avoid any sort of friction.

Go through our complete range of KIVIK couch covers to choose the best fit. If you need any help, you can always get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable customer care team.