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The SÖDERHAMN sofas series has garnered a following among IKEA lovers. It’s features such as deep, generous seats and loose back cushions make it extremely comfortable.

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The loose cushions mean you can arrange the sofa just as you would like it. Compliment this series with The Styled Sofa's beautiful range of fabrics to make the SÖDERHAMN cover that adds variety to your existing furniture. Bring the light and airy design of the IKEA Soderhamn to life. Personalise your style and bring out the best of your individuality with SÖDERHAMN sofa covers in handpicked fabrics from our experts. Create a summer look for the warmer months and then switch covers for a winter look in the cooler months.

Our IKEA SÖDERHAMN sofa covers fit perfectly to this series that is based on durable and comfortable sections that you can combine any way you like. Do you like a big sofa or a small sofa? Do you want a cosy corner to curl up in, or an expanse of seating with no arm rests? Arrange these modules any way you like , to uniquely suit your space. And let us create the SÖDERHAMN covers to suit your arrangement.

 SÖDERHAMN Covers for all configurations

The Soderhamn is perfect for it's smaller size, it is a low lying series that is efficient on space but with deep wide seats, a stylish and airy look, change up the IKEA Sodherhamn sofa covers and you have the sofa that is perfect for apartments or smaller, areas as well a larger areas.

If you don’t like the metal legs that come with the Soderhamn, for example, you can dress it in one of our floor length SÖDERHAMN Sofa covers. These floor length covers are elegant and stylish and will cover any unwanted metal legs.

Another alternative to a floor length cover is to switch the legs to some of the compatible IKEA legs. Many of the IKEA legs are interchangeable and can fit with other models. Simply change up your Soderhamn cover and change up the Soderhamn legs!

Some other legs we like are-

  • Landskrona Legs- these legs are made of solid oak and give a natural and warm look.
  • Stocksund Legs- these turned legs, with a soft profile have a traditional look. They are made of solid beech and coated in a clear lacquer that brings out the wood’s beautiful natural grain.
  • Batsfjord Legs- these legs are made from solid wood, which is hard wearing. They are available in a birch colour which looks warm and natural. If you like the look of a low lying sofa these are perfect as they are a shorter leg, at 10cm high.

Get covers for IKEA SÖDERHAMN sofa modules, knowing the fit will be perfect. We make beautiful SÖDERHAMN covers for the detachable armrests. We make beautiful SÖDERHAMN covers for the footstools, the chaise lounge section, any part of it, we will cover! The footstool has a cover for the base and a cover for the top. The chaise lounge cover has a cover for the base frame, the back frame, the top cushions and the accent cushion. We make them all! You just have to let us know which luxury linen, velvet or corduroy you would like for your SÖDERHAMN sofa covers. So simple.

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The Styled Sofa offers Stylish, distinctive, affordable slipcovers to transform your IKEA furniture. Our range of SÖDERHAMN sofa covers is among the best and covers all the modules in this series. Enjoy browsing through our online catalogue of fabrics and see how each colour can look on the SÖDERHAMN pages of our online store.

If you are still unsure about which fabric to choose for your IKEA Soderhamn Sofa Covers, get in touch with our team. We can even help you with work out the best configuration for your room and then suggest you the best fabric to make your SÖDERHAMN cover in, to best compliment it.