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Just had a look at your old couch - wondering if you could change it? You really don’t need to if looks are the only downside. Couch covers are a great option – they can be washed and reused a lot over their lifetime.

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The Styled Sofa has a beautiful collection of fabrics for couch covers in Melbourne, or for your sofas, armchairs, chaise, dinning chairs and more. With a large variety of colours in each fabric offering – The Styled Sofa is changing the way people approach home décoration. We encourage you to think in a sustainable way while not having to compromise on style. Our complete range of couch covers is available online with all the details and inspiration you need. We have a range of breathable, durable and super-soft couch covers available for you. The Styled Sofa also ships removable couch covers to all parts of Melbourne, and far beyond. Explore our range and start creating now. Reasons to love our Couch Covers The Styled Sofa’s couch covers achieve the perfect update for your IKEA furniture and are custom made in stylish, on trend colours and fabrics. Our manufacturing process makes sure our online couch cover range is durable and long-lasting. Here are some of the reasons why you’ll fall for our couch cover range: Couch Covers for all sofa sizes: Whether you need couch covers in Melbourne for a one-seater sofa or a six-seater sofa, we can make all. Couch Covers for all types of sofas: Whether you have a standard sofa sitting in the middle of your room, a corner sofa or a modular sofa of any type, we can make them all. Covers for Sofa Parts and Accessories: As well as removable couch covers; we make covers for various sofa parts and accessories in Melbourne. These include the headrest, armrest, backrest and back cushions. And as most would attest- The top feature of our couch covers is: Easy to Maintain: Our online couch covers are removable and washable. Our couch covers love a cold water wash, some don’t need any pressing, a simple line dry keeps them in shape. Follow the cleaning and washing instructions included and the instruction labels sewn into each cover. For more information on our range of removable couch covers in Melbourne, or for any queries please reach out to us at hello@thestyledsofa.com Make a style statement with our premier Couch Covers The Styled Sofa offers a range of couch covers available online that. We have multiple options for all types of couches and couch parts – with each item being of premium quality. Our couch covers are so good, choosing one just may be overwhelming! Experiment and reinvigorate the decor of your rooms with a of removable couch covers in Melbourne. Choose from a mix of modern, traditional and transitional styles to set the perfect vibe for your interior, be it home or office, or suites or clubrooms. For any inquires related to couch covers in Melbourne, please get in touch with us at hello@thestyledsofa.com. We are here to help you